On your behalf we use the tools of a hacker to test your IT system for vulnerabilities and security breaches.

Over and over again we read in the news of hacker attacks on enterprises. Customer data is stolen and entire networks are taken hostage. Even the largest companies are not safe from internal and external attacks.


Deceiving security

According to a Accenture Study from 2016, there is a big gap between the confidence of the own cyber security strategy and the actual danger for enterprises. The consultation of 2000 security officers from large companies found that one in three targeted attacks led to a security breach. With about 100 attacks per year, this makes two successful attacks per week.

Only two out of three security breaches were detected by the internal security team. In addition, more than half of them took several months to be discovered.


Successful cyber security

In order to defend companies more efficiently against attacks, it is no longer sufficient to rely on well-tried measures and methods. Just as attackers are constantly improving and seek new ways of attacking, cyber security needs to evolve. The development of new defence strategies and staff training is strengthening the arsenal of cyber security.

But the best defence strategies are useless if, in an emergency, no one knows exactly how they work and whether the methods developed are effective. For this purpose it is advisable to put them to the test from time to time.


Penetration Test

During a penetration test, we check the current status of your IT security and provide you with valuable information for improvement. The type of test depends on your requirements. We distinguish between network penetration tests from outside and inside your company, web application penetration tests, mobile app penetration tests and wireless penetration tests. More details on the individual types can be found in our white paper.


Penetration Tests procedure:

  • Definition of the type and the scope in cooperation with the client
  • Vulnerability scan of the system
  • Analysis of vulnerabilities for exploitation
  • Weighting and evaluation of vulnerabilities
  • Creation of a final report
  • Presentation of the final report

You can find more information about the procedure of a penetration test in our blog: Benefit and structure of a penetration test.


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