Our employee awareness program will strengthen the weakest link in IT security. Learn how hackers work in our workshops and live hacking seminars and how you can protect yourself and your company better.


The employee in the focus of hackers

Nowadays, the e-mail has become an essential way of communication. Registrations, invoices and access data to systems are sent and received as electronic letters. In business, it is one of the most frequently used ways of communication. This has also been recognized by criminals and since then they have been trying to use the anonymity of an e-mail to gain the trust and data of their victims.

Not only the communication channels are attacked by hackers. Too weak password policies, outdated programs and websites and even fear and good nature are used by hackers as door openers.


What you can do about it?

Detecting cyber attacks requires sharp eyes and aware employees. According to a BSI study on the implementation concept of penetration tests, social engineering attacks, for example, are most likely successful without prior training of employees. Whether and how easy it is actually possible can only be determined by a simulated attack.


Live Hacking

In our live hacking seminars, our specialists use various attack scenarios to show you how easy it can be for a hacker to gain access to a system and how each individual can help to make the company more secure.

The course of the seminar and the choice of topics can be determined by you.



In hands-on workshops for a few employees or presentations for the entire workforce, our experts will sharpen the attention of your employees. In this way you learn to recognize and react more quickly to dangers.


Social Security Audit

Use our social security audit to measure how aware your employees are and how well they recognize fake e-mails and websites. With specially prepared e-mails and websites we put your employees to the test and deliver anonymous data on access.

At the same time, this course trains your employees in the secure handling of e-mails and mail attachments.


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